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We don't have pictures of everything up yet, but we do add to this page regularly! If you have any questions about the products we offer, feel free to email us. :) To order, please send us an email with what you would like to purchase, your shipping address, and I can get you your total.

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Please note:
Our supply inventory sometimes changes faster than I can update this page, so you may want to confirm the availability of any particular supplies you're interested in with me - thank you!

Supply Kits

Extended Essentials Kit: This kit was previously called our full care kit, but due to difficulty keeping cages and liners in stock, we regretfully will not be providing them anymore. This extended essentials kit is what the full care kit had, minus the cage and liners. You'll get everything in our Hedgie Essentials Kit (listed below), plus an additional lamp, an additional CHE bulb, and a hard copy of our complete care book (listed individually below).
$260 for the whole kit

"Everything But The Cage" Hedgie Essentials: Our hedgie essentials kit is an easy way to gather up everything but the cage and liners (which we also have available) you'll need for your pet. You will also need a carrier to pick up your hedgie, remember to have one on hand or order one from us. Please let me know at least 2 weeks in advance if you would like to purchase one of these kits, so I can be sure we have the items on hand for you.

The Hedgie Essentials Kit comes with all of this:

  • Cake top wheel
  • A dome hideout (your choice of color, or upgrade to an igloo for +$2)
  • A food and water dish (your choice of available colors and styles)
  • Your choice of two available hedgie bags
  • 2lbs of food mix (make it 4lbs for +$8)
  • Two aluminum clamp lamps (upgrade to a dual-dome lamp that has less light/heat spread but may be easier to fit on a cage, for +$10)
  • A 100 watt CHE bulb
  • A thermostat for the CHE
  • An 8 watt LED Light Bulb (40 watt equivalent)
  • A mechanical timer for the light bulb
  • A digital thermometer with probe to place in cage
  • A digital scale to keep track of your hedgie's weight
  • Nail trimmers (cuticle trimmers or human nail clippers)
  • Toothbrush for bath time
  • "Hedgie Shampoo" (Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream Wash, 2oz)
  • An absorbent cloth for after foot/full baths

$220 for the whole kit

Food, Treats, and Supplements

WCH Food Mix: If you'd like to save money by getting a healthy food mix without buying multiple huge bags, we offer bags of what we feed our own adults. This mix includes 3-5 high quality cat and dog foods which are crushed up into smaller, hedgehog-friendly sized pieces. Please email me for a current list of included formulas or if you have any questions about our mix. We also have a high fat mix for hedgehogs that are harder to keep weight on.
2lbs for $12
4lbs for $20

Feeder Insects: We have mainly mealworms, darkling beetles, and dubia roaches available currently. Crickets are available on occasion. Contact me for prices, we are working on posting an individual page for our feeders.

Cages and Cage Supplies

-Please contact me to see if we have any used cages available.


Cake Top Wheel: These hand-made wheels are the most popular among hedgehog owners. We make these wheels with sturdy, smooth-surfaced cake toppers, and have angle-adjustable stands.
$25 each - sold out until further notice 1/10/16

Flying Saucer Wheel - Large: Now that Ware has changed their design to an all-plastic wheel, they don't last very long at all. Even for tiny hedgies, they usually break within a few months of purchase. You can get these at Petco for $20, but we no longer offer them due to their short lifetime. I'd recommend a cake top wheel or the largest size Comfort Wheel instead.

Hiding Places

Super Pet Igloo - Large: Sold out.
Here they are at Petco: Super Pet Igloo Hideouts

WCH's Dome Hideout: We are currently selling out of our dome hideouts and are not sure if we will find a similar replacement / what that replacement will be.

Fabric Bedding - Hedgie Bags, Liners and More

Hedgie Bags: Our hedgie bags are hand made, hedgie-safe bags with a fleece interior meant for your hedgie to sleep in, or cuddle in while bonding! Pictured below are some of our color options, please note that I can't guarantee availability of a particular fabric unless you ask first. Check out our current availability here: Hedgie Bags For Sale
$5 each for discount bags (not always available)
$8 each regular
- compare to other sellers!


Dishes: We have a variety of assorted plastic, ceramic, and glass dishes available.
$2 each plastic
$2-3 each ceramic and glass
$2 for mini treat dishes regardless of what they're made of


Check with me for used carriers for sale! We frequently have cheap soft sided carriers available.

Heaters and Heating Elements

Clamp Lamp with Aluminum Reflector, 8.5": $12 each

Clamp Lamp with Aluminum Reflector, Porcelain Socket, 10.5": $15 each

100 Watt Ceramic Heat Emitter Bulb: $25 each

Thermostat for a CHE Setup: $40 each

CHE/Light Lamp Stand: Stands are usually not needed if you're using a cage with a metal grid top, but if you're using a tub setup as a cage using a lamp stand to safely suspend your heater/light over the cage is highly recommended. These stands extend to a maximum of 2 feet high, plenty to fit over virtually all tub cages.
$25 each

Digital Thermometer: $8 each

Heat Setup Kit: Our Heat Setup Kit includes a clamp lamp, CHE bulb, thermostat, and digital thermometer.
$80 for the full Heat Setup Kit

Assorted Others

Pet African Hedgehogs - A Complete Guide to Care: The care book I published is free to download and read online, but if you're the type to like to keep a hard copy on hand, we have full color paperbacks available! I apologize for the steep price, this is currently the best deal I can offer on them, after getting the best discounts I can getting them printed. Update December 2016: The book print has been retired, we just have a few last copies for sale.
$30 each

Digital Scale: $15 each

Nail Trimmers: $4 each

Chlorhexidine Concentrate: Chlorhexidine (also known as Nolvasan, Chlorhexiderm, etc.) is an amazing disinfectant used both topically (especially in controlling skin infections) as well as in place of bleach as a less harsh, but equally powerful cleanser. We use it to sanitize wheels, igloos, entire cages, etc. as well as use it in the bathwater if a hedgehog has bloody feet or any other external problem that needs kept sanitary. These bottles will make 8 full gallons of disinfectant, and are a way better deal than trying to order through your veterinarian! Dilution directions and instructions for use are on the bottle.
$8 for an 8 ounce bottle